Our clients can be assured that OH Solutions will always be able to meet their diverse needs, regardless of project size or complexity.

Asbestos & Hazardous Materials (Including Mould and Water Damage)

• Hazardous Materials Surveys;
• Analytical Services;
• Hazardous Materials Management Programs;
• Abatement Design Strategies; and,
• Site Supervision and Air Monitoring.

Occupational Hygiene

• Occupational Hygiene Assessments;
• Program Preparation and/or Review;
• Compliance Assessments;
• Indoor Air Quality Evaluations; and,
• Noise Assessments.


• Safety Evaluation and Audits;
• Program Evaluation, Review, and Development;
• Regulatory Compliance Assistance; and,
• Contingency Plans/Emergency Organization.


• Occupational Health & Safety for the Asbestos Abatement Worker;
• Asbestos and Mould Awareness;
• Indoor Air Quality.

Environmental Services

• ECA/ Air Emissions Reporting